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Sweet Shiny Swan

by SickSickSick

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Space Cock Rocket mission rock get out the hell rising high in a tinfoil shell love and cream are our energy spread our seed deep into the galaxy Venus wait for the crew to come we will land on your biggest bum settle down, breed a better race and we found, found a better place in space and we come in a cock, and we come in a cock here we come in a cock, here we come in a cock Major Cock get us up to Mars running hot, you horny star black hole, we mash you up iron balls and a long laser rod comet rock can’t crush our shield cause our cock is as hard as steel and we ride the atmosphere and we rise up into the darkest tier and we come in a cock, and we come in a cock here we come in a cock, here we come in a cock space cock rocket
Hardware store Queen lives in a palace Nick holes up in a cave the King lay down in Graceland Bobby Ewing on a Ranch my dream of cosy living is a hall of steel and stone where I fullfill my passion steadily working on my home I wanna live in a hardware store singing with the saws a b-minor chord ain’t a better home for my handcraft soul DI-mY-home sleeping on concrete cushions I cut my nails with saws my meal is made of sawdust my pants of fiberglass I wanna live in a hardware store dancing though the hall in a rockwool coat ain’t a better home for my tinker soul hardware store born drilling, dragging, screwing, sawing, cutting, clipping, building, bonding, painting, pulling, hammering, handling, nailing, knocking ... living I wanna live in a hardware store flying through my home on a cargo rope ain’t a better ride for my hardcore soul I wanna live in a hardware store barbecue my meat on the parquet floor sleeping in a bed out of plasterboard wake up in the morning with a hammer blow paint on the wall “home steel home” bore into the floor “my home is my store” do it for myself cause I’m born to bore hardware store whore
Dwarf Pony Power you need wheels for showing off your power but my hooves are louder than rubber I ride a pony that is smaller than a scooter by the way it’s so much cuter hack on the back of my little quadruped speeding up like Mikey Dee from Motörhead mini horse – faster than a Mustang better looking and non-rusting you need gas riding down the autobahn I feed grass to ride my pony up and down tiny pet - stronger than a Hummer bet on a horse: it’s nuclear-powerded giddy-up, my itty-bitty furry one ride on – like a tricky lick of Angus Young pygmy pony – harder than a panzer and for sure: much more handsome dwarf pony power ... ride on! dwarf pony power ... magic!
Chronic social phobia dear dealer, gimme drugs to paralyse my mind can’t stand the others, all the others are unkind a little pill will kill my will to kill em all a deep aversion, chronic social phobia uuuuuuuuuuuu chronic social phobia queen of Misanthropia good fairy, help me, may I have one wish for free? I want a wonder cap, a mind protection shield then I’m invisible, invincible and gone so good, so good being all alone now uuuuuuuuuuuu chronic social phobia queen of Misanthropia my kingdom without followers I hate to hate but there’s nothing left to do don`t follow me cause I will never follow you don’t need your like cause what you like’s ridiculous I fear your thoughts, I’m a happy misanthrope oh holy cobra, raise your head up in the air pray for your venom need to spread it everywhere your holy poison will hypnotize the masses you play the flute and they are dancing to my bass, yeah uuuuuuuuuuuu ...
Buzzkill Daddy we had whiskey we had fun call it perfect, name it rock’n’roll when living evil came along the party crashed and everything went wrong he was talking on and on loads of nonsense, bombs of blahblahblah meanwhile all my friends had disappeared - so weird blood ran out, out of my reddened ear get out of my sight - buzzkill daddy get out of my life - buzzkill daddy when you talk it’s like war for my bloody ears - buzzkill daddy I want you to disappear - right now buzzkill devil fuck yourself! nerves on fire, my brain`s burned up like hell and if you stay here by my side - so tight I’ll cut you out, you bloody parasite get out of my face - buzzkill-daddy go out of my way - buzzkill-daddy when you talk it’s like war for my mellow mind - buzzkill daddy buzzkill devil die! shut up!
Beautiful Roberto my heart was pumping like a rave beat he rolled down the street my blood ran hot, the flesh got weak a magic smell of sweat and wheat beer he came close to me I nearly fainted on this freak smoke yellow fingers touched my goose skin cold and tenderly deep bloodshot eyes starred into mine tell me your name, king of all wild things begging on my knees two weighty words ran down my spine when he moaned: ”oh baby, I’ m Beautiful Roberto Beautiful Roberto from hell Beautiful Roberto Schöner Roberto from hell big-bellied beau, bald-headed stranger you’re so masculine but then at once he turned around he aimed to kiss my guitar player wild and animal “oh please Roberto, please don’t go!” no, oh no everybody goes for Beautiful Roberto ...
Bananas 04:15
Bananas well he is grooving through the jungle like king monkey da move is funky but da look is very punky a parrot cries: “you’re a real cool dude you’re the only one with an attitude” and all the bunnies going crazy for his booty tiger shorties shake the beat out of the boogie the cobra spits:” oh baby, you’re so slick bunga-bunga me under the limbo stick” you are so bananas you are gagaga you are so bananas you are sick sick sick the kangaroo hopped over with a big bag full to the brim with cannabis and hash cakes “I stay sober!” said the monkey to the dope “I’m a funky freak, I’m naturally stoned while all the donkeys dancing to a boring bongo I bang my mane to a real cool combo going nuts for that crazy shit always been cooler than all the other kids” you are so bananas ...
Naked & stoned sexually green at seventeen had a peep at a dirty scene badly mad because of that can`t forget that nasty act you wanna know what I have seen you wanna know what I will leak so let me ask you to explain oh it’s not easy to relate I ask you indiscretely please promise to be true it might be interesting but it’s disgusting too don`t be shy, don’t deny, take a heart – no discretion don`t defy, please don’t lie and think twice have you ever seen your parents naked? naked and stoned ... mentally disordered by that sight to remind I try to fight and I’ve never ever been the same after looking at that icky game deeply shocked at daddies dong badly touched by mommies bong shame on me for rhyming on join in and sing along ... naked and stoned ... I was shy, I could cry, nearly died – of nauseation and I hide, even fight, that I saw them ... nananananananananananana naked nananananananananananana stoned
Zombie City 03:34
Zombie City walk the dog in the fog down an ancient street every creep that I meet is a brainless freak ain’t no fun, ain’t no fight, no open mind and I cry: this city died need a drink, wanna sink in the underground but I’m drowned in a town that brought it all down “hang the dog! ban the mob! keep the city clean!” this place is so mean! this city sucks – living in a zombie city my city sucks – dying in a zombie city my city bores to death– buried in a zombie city I’m not afraid I’m just upset – zombie city don’t be loud and keep out of that ancient morgue it’s a hole without soul so grey and cold leave that hell, put a spell on this bloody town head a zombie, shout out ... this city bugs (like hell) this city bores to death this city eats my brain this city sucks, this city sucks this city sucks – living in a zombie city my city sucks – dying in a zombie city my city bores to death – buried in a zombie city I’m not afraid I’m just pissed-off – zombie city
World Water Torture Day the hottest day in years, I’m sweating blood my chic bikinI’s dripping wet a bony toyboy kneeds my sun-burned ass needs to be paid for his caress let’s take a trip in my black lexus car to any skid row in the world we throw out pennies and we drink champagne watching people eating dirt it’s ok – world water torture day life is fine and so am I life is gay – on world water torture day drop your sorrow, ease your pain turn off the bad news on the radio don’t bother me with your silly wars cause my black Amex melted in the sun that’s really bad, that’s really poor! it’s ok – world water torture day life is fine and so am I it’ so gay – on world water torture day drop your sorrow, ease your pain I’m ok – on world water torture day I am moneyed, I am fine make my way on world water torture day


Das erotomane Powertrio SickSickSick hat mit „Sweet ShinySwan“ ein zweites Album in die Rille gechannelt, das einem auf unterhosenbefeuchtende Weise die Synapsenwindungen verätzt. Wenn Front- und Bassdrache Heike Jörss zusammen mit ihren Backdoor-Men Jochen „Gurke“ Goricnik und Philip „Pablo“ Rissettio die Riffs und Grooves schwitzend und malmend explodieren lässt, schießen dem Publikum die heißen Flammen direkt in den Intim-bereich. „Sweet Shiny Swan“ ist soundtechnisch um einiges atmosphärischer und elaborierter als noch die Vorgängerscheibe „Sticky Sauna Sounds“. Diese Erkenntnis wird dem Hörer bereits beim lüsternen Weltraum-Opener „Space Cock Rocket“ erbarmungslos auf die Nuss geschnalzt. Was hier geboten wird, ist eine auditive Freakshow auf extraterrestrischem Niveau, Rotz von der schillerndsten Sorte. Ein illustres Potpourri aus Heavy Rock, einer Prise Punk, vielleicht auch einer Messerspitze Sludge und anderen Mutationen alternativer Musik, für die man erst noch einen Namen finden muss. Schnöde Vergleiche können sich an dieser Stelle in diverse Körperöffnungen geschoben werden. SickSickSick präsentieren sich auf ihrer neuen Platte laut und druckvoll wie eh und je, tobend-wild und zum Niederknien selbstironisch. Vor allem auf musikalischer Ebene sind die Regensburger nochmals um ein paar Evolutions- und Atmosphärenlevel gen Space emporgestiegen. Gepriesen sei ihre stählerne Cock Rocket! Dieses Album ist eine Peniswatsche der schwanenhalsigen Sorte, ein gefiedertes Masterpiece des komödiantischen Irrsinns, ein genrezerfetzender Affenzirkus in vertonter Form! (Shake, the Snake)


released March 17, 2017

All songs written and composed by SickSIckSick:
Philip “Pablo” Rissettio (Drums, Vocals)
Jochen “Gurke” Goricnik (Guitar, Vocals)
Heike Jörss (Bass, Vocals)
Produced and recorded by Jan Nas at Kastell Studio
Mixed by Christoph Sitzmann
Mastered at Oakfield Mastering by Arne Ziemann
Label: Ghost Town Noize
Katalog-Nr.: GTN006


all rights reserved



SickSickSick Regensburg, Germany

Dirty Rock

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